My take on films and other media with an added commentary on relevant cultural and historical events occurring in the world at the time of release. These mentions will include anything that adds a bit of spice to what we know about why, how, and where of a particular production.

Global and local events tend to bend the creative mind in ways that influence how media is made and how the creator wants their audience to think about what they’ve crafted. Sometimes, it’s not so much about how they want us to interpret what they, themselves, were thinking but how they interpret what we are thinking. We may not be able to know exactly what influences a particular author or director to create a piece of media, other than what they explicitly tell us, but we can take note of some of things that were going on around them when they were forming their ideas.

Maybe I can mix a little bit of my love of cinema with a bit of a care for the interesting observations of life and write some reviews that are not only informative and entertaining, but also a bit insightful. I don’t know, it’s just cinema blood!